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Elevating Function to New Heights

Lymphedema Therapy & Cancer Rehab by Eminence Physical Therapy in Atlanta, Ga Logo 2

Eminence Physical Therapy, LLC is a cash-based physical therapy practice specializing in one-on-one care for cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema treatment.

When receiving treatment for cancer or lymphedema, having to attend numerous appointments can be a taxing effort as well as extremely time consuming.


Why travel to crowded clinics, have long wait times, or split the amount of time spent with your therapist due to being double-booked when you can receive exceptional care by a doctor in the privacy of your own home or with a private appointment in the clinic!

Eminence Physical Therapy Is Not Accepting New Clients At This Time


Cash-Based Physical Therapy

Eminence Physical Therapy does not file claims directly with insurance companies. The patient pays up-front for services rendered and will be allowed to file their own claims for physical therapy services with their insurance provider for reimbursement. This allows your therapist to guarantee personalized one-on-one care, which ensures the highest quality of care possible. In addition, Eminence Physical Therapy will provide you with the necessary documentation needed in order for you to file your own claims with your insurance company, however Eminence Physical Therapy cannot guarantee that the insurance company will provide reimbursement for these services. More Info>>

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